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C-Tech nano ceramic coating will protect your vehicle, air craft, boat, & RV from harmful UV rays, oxidation, corrosion, fallout, chemicals, & other contaminates by bonding to the surface creating a high-gloss, hard durable protective coating.

High Gloss

C-Tech ceramic super high gloss finish will have a super hydrophobic effect that will set apart your automobile, air craft, boat, or RV from all others on the high ways & bi ways.

Extended Paint Life

SGS Certified C-Tech nano ceramic coating will extend, protect, and high gloss your paints finish.

Heat Protection

Resists heat up to 900’c (9H) & 1300’c (10H).

SGS Certified

SGS Certified.

Save Money

C-Tech ceramic protection will protect your paint with its super hydrophobic properties allowing you to wash less, & spend less time & money maintaining its finish.

Nano Ceramic Coating

What is Nano Ceramic Coating?

Originally designed for NASA & the Space industry nano technology gives the paints surface an invisible layer of nano particles which protects the surface. The HYDROPHOBIC properties repel water & contaminants. When the ceramic coating adheres to the vehicles paint it creates a semi-permanent bond resulting in a sacrificial layer that will be there for years. In simplest terms, nano ceramic coating is a clear coat to protect your cars original clear coat.

What can you expect from a Nano Ceramic Coating?

The ceramic coating particles will protect your vehicles paint from ultra violet damage, oxidation, and rust. As you drive down the road, elements such as rain and snow will roll off your cars paint. The nano technology will make it harder for water to create water spots and for dirt to stick to the paints surface. Bugs, tree sap and other impurities will be repealed quicker and easier.


Because of its amazing quality, you should expect a warranty for nano ceramic coating. Warranties will vary depending on the type of ceramic coating you choose and how many layers are applied.

How is Nano Ceramic Applied?

The application process is lengthy and intense. The surface of the vehicle must be prepared an cleaned before application. Several coats are applied in sections and time is allowed in between applications for the ceramic to cure. The overall application requires additional time to cure which will likely require that you leave your car overnight. It is highly recommended to have a professionally trained certified applicator apply ceramic coating. Contact us to make an appointment.

Nano Ceramic Coating Myths

*Ceramic coatings are scratch / rock chip proof

Nano ceramic will add an extra layer of coating that will help prevent surface scratches and minor incidents. It will not prevent damage or chipping from rocks or other objects.

*A Ceramic coated vehicle does not require maintenance, will not water spot, will not get bird drop marks

Nano ceramic coating repels water and contaminants but the exterior of your vehicle will still need to be cleaned and maintained. The ceramic coating will also help reduce how often you will need to wax your car. If you encounter dust, dirt, bird droppings, hard water, or acid rain it will need to be cleaned.

C Tech Coatings

Nano Ceramic

10H- 15 year warranty (call for price)
9H - 10 year warranty (call for price)
9H - 5 year warranty (call for price)


10H 30 mil. bottle - $175
9H 30 mil. bottle - $149
9H 30 mil. bottle - $129

C-Tech Ceramic
Spray Wax

26oz bottle - $25
16 oz bottle - $19.99

C-Tech Tire

26 oz bottle - $12.99

C-Tech Odor

1 vehicle treatment - $42.99

C-Tech Wash /
Wax Soap

call for price

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